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Commonly Asked Questions


Typhoon Defense address

Typhoon Defense ™

14500 L Parallel

Basehor, KS 66007

*** Make sure you ordered through we do not have an affiliation with online dealers but we will uphold all warranties associated with Typhoon Defense serial-numbered shotguns.  

Warranty Registration

Congrats on your purchase. There is no need to send in any warranty registration information in the US. All our shotguns have a lifetime manufacturer warranty that stays with the shotgun and serial number with ATF compliance.

Compensator Install

To install the compensator you first have to use the silver flush mount choke. So install your choice of choke. Then you want to loosen up the 4 bolts on the compensator. Then slide the compensator over the barrel with the vents facing up. Push it down until it bottoms out and you can’t push it on anymore. Level out the compensator and then tight tighten the screws to spec. If you are just using the provided Allen wrench go in a star pattern and tighten down very snugly.

Choke Tubes

The shotgun comes with 4 chokes. 1 black extended ported choke which is a #5 and 3 silver flush mount chokes which are 1,3,5. 

Intended uses are in the provided manual.


We recommend using the sling at a pone-point and attaching both ends to the latch plate on the back side of the receiver. If you want to attach the sling to the hand guard, an aftermarket sling attachment point would need to be purchased as we don’t sell anything for that at this time. 


No need for an RA form just pack what you would like to return and ship to the address below. Print out or write down your order number and place it in the box with the items. As soon as we get it we will issue you a refund. Gun returns will need to be sent by your FFL with a 25% restocking fee for shotgun purchases. All return shipping cost will be at your cost. 

Typhoon Defense ™

14500 L Parallel

Basehor, KS 66007

Becoming a Dealer

Thanks for reaching out to Typhoon Defense. If you are interested in becoming a dealer please send us a copy of your FFL, phone number, person of contact, and best email for invoices. We will then have our local sales rep reach out to you about what needs to be done to become a dealer.

Choke Tubes

The F12 comes with 4 chokes. The black extended ported choke is a #5 choke. The silver flush mount chokes are 1,3,5. We recommend using a #5 choke when shooting 00 buck or slugs.

When we are sold out we recommend Benelli Mobil. 

CA-compliant mag lock removal

To remove the mag lock device, take the upper off of the lower. Once it is off you will see a pin sticking up right above the magazine button. Get a small flathead screwdriver. Depress the pin until you can see a slot that the small flat head will fit into. Insert the screwdriver and remove it. The spring and pin will then come out. The mag lock can be reinstalled the same way.

CA Pin Removal

To disassemble the CA-compliant model you need to remove the magazine lock. To do that start by removing the lower from the upper by pushing out the takedown pins. Make sure you have the chamber flag inserted into the bolt back to avoid damage to the feed ramp. Once removed you will see a pin sticking out above the mag release button. If you press the pin in you will notice there is a slot for a flathead screwdriver. Unscrew it and remove the pin. It can then be reinstalled if you’re back in CA and need it to be compliant.

Maxi not Available

The Maxi-style hand guard is not sold in the US due to importation laws. Everything available in the US can be seen on our website.

Need warranty form

If you would like to fill out a warranty form (link below) and send your gun in for us to take a look at we can make sure to get it functioning properly. Just print out the form and email it back to us. Once we get it in we will assign a tech and then send you instructions for sending it in. Let us know if you have any questions.

Send to our new address 

Typhoon Defense ™

14500 L Parallel

Basehor, KS 66007

Gun Not Cycling

We’re sorry to hear you are having issues with your shotgun. We do recommend a 100-round break in the period of heavy brass ammo (1500 FPS or higher is recommended for the break-in period). This break-in period is necessary before it will cycle light loads. Also, the shotgun comes with oil on it but it’s factory oil meant for a rust preventative. We recommend applying a reputable gun oil. Give that a try and let us know if you are still having any issues. Also since you are new to the F12 here is a video that is worth the watch from beginning to end. It has a lot of good information about your F12.

20 Round Drum

The 20-round drum is something we are working on them but, it’s not available at this time. Unfortunately, we don’t have a timetable for its release. We do have a 20-round stick magazine available in the meantime (link below).

Fixed Stock Removal

To remove the fixed stock first remove the visible Allen bolt that crosses the neck of the stock. Next, take a regular-sized Phillips head screwdriver and place it in the small hole at the bottom of the recoil pad. The rubber is soft and will move out of the way. Turn until the recoil pad can be removed. Last, there is one more Allen bolt inside of the stock. Remove the Allen bolt and the fixed stock will slide off the buffer tube.

F12 Video

F12 and X12 Differences

The difference between the two is this:

The F12 is a solid billet aluminum shotgun. It’s more traditional AR and has takedown pins. It has more options for accessories and customization. It has an optional adjustable stock, ambidextrous safety, rubber over-molded pistol gran IP, an M-LOK handguard, and a heat shield.

The X12 has a polymer lower and a solid fixed stock. This shotgun has more polymer than the F12. 

Both shotguns shoot great the F12 has more bells and whistles.

Flashlight recommendations

There are many options for lights out there so we don’t have a specific recommendation. We can say since these are 12 gauge shotguns we are talking about that there is some recoil involved. Some of the cheaper lights will quit working from the recoil so we recommend not purchasing the cheapest one out there.


We do recommend using ammo 1500 FPS or higher for our 100-round break-in period. The break-in period is necessary or you will see some ejection issues. We also recommend trying a different type of ammo as well just to ensure there is not a defect in the ammo. If you would like to send your gun in for us to take a look at and ensure it’s functioning correctly that would be covered under warranty. Shipping to us would be covered by you but we would cover the return freight. If this is something you would like to do let us know and we can get that process going.

Factory Muzzle Break Choke

Light modified choke for general use. 

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