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The F12 Max Sport is the perfect gift for the firearm enthusiast in your life. This sleek, all-black beauty comes fully equipped and ready to deliver an exceptional shooting experience.

Key Features:

  • Precision Optics: The Meprolight RDS Pro V2 is a high-quality red dot sight that features a green dot and a unique bullseye reticle. The green dot is visible in any lighting condition, making it ideal for use in low-light environments. The bullseye reticle provides a clear and precise aiming point, allowing for fast and accurate target acquisition. The RDS Pro V2 is designed for competition and tactical shooting, and its rugged construction and waterproof design make it suitable for use in extreme weather conditions. With its 12-hour battery life and quick-release mount, this sight is a great option for shooters who demand precision and reliability.
  • Versatile Magazines: The F12 Max Sport includes six magazines: three 5-round magazines for more controlled shooting sessions and three 10-round magazines for extended use without frequent reloading.
  • Enhanced Control: The flared mag well allows for faster and smoother magazine changes, enhancing your shooting efficiency.
  • Customizable Rail Kits: Two rail kits provide ample space for mounting additional accessories, allowing you to customize your firearm to suit your specific needs.
  • Convenient Bad Lever: The bad lever facilitates easier bolt catch and release operations, streamlining your shooting experience.
  • Adjustable Stock: The adjustable stock offers personalized comfort and stability, catering to shooters of all sizes and preferences.
  • Magnum Charging Handle: The magnum charging handle provides robust and reliable operation, ensuring your firearm is always ready for action.
  • Match Trigger: The newly designed X11/F12 match trigger delivers a crisp and responsive trigger pull, significantly enhancing shooting accuracy and control.


Included Accessories:

  • F12 Max Sport Firearm
  • 1 Sling: For easy carrying and improved mobility.
  • 4 Chokes (1 pre-installed): Adapt your firearm for various shooting situations with these versatile chokes.
  • 3 5-Round Magazines & 3 10-Round Magazines: Offering flexibility and extended shooting sessions.
  • Magnum Charging Handle: Ensuring reliable operation under all conditions.
  • Magazine Loader: For quick and easy magazine loading.
  • Flared Mag Well: Speeding up magazine changes for uninterrupted shooting.
  • 2 Rail Kits: Customizable options for adding accessories.
  • Bad Lever: Enhances the efficiency of bolt operations.
  • Adjustable Stock: Customizable for your comfort and stability.
  • Meprolight RDS Pro V2 Green dot Bullseye Reticle: Ensuring accuracy and precision.
  • X11/F12 Match Trigger: For a crisp, responsive trigger pull.


Whether it's for hunting, sport shooting, or home defense, the F12 Max Sport is a top-of-the-line firearm that is sure to impress and deliver unmatched performance. Get ready to elevate your shooting experience with the F12 Max Sport, the ultimate addition to any firearm collection.


If you purchased all of this on it's own it would retail for $2,182. You will save over $280!

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